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Private Customized Classes

Personalized classes are taught in your home or my home in North Salt Lake, whichever you prefer. Let me customize a class based on your needs. These classes are perfect if you prefer a private setting, have a busy schedule, have special circumstances or can’t get into a class before your due date. 


Minimum of 2 hours for $100

Classes 3+ hours are $35/hr

I service Davis County and the Salt Lake City metro area (up to approximately The Point of the Mountain) and Park City. I charge a small additional travel fee to see clients in Utah and Weber Counties, but travel to these locations often for classes so don’t hesitate to ask about your area.

Private Class Packages

Check out these private class options. If you don’t see what you are looking for, CONTACT ME and we can customize the perfect blend of topics you are looking for.

Busy Mama’s Childbirth Class

Childbirth Class Utah

This 4-Hour Private class covers all the essentials. It will help you and partner feel completely confident and prepared for birth. If you are planning to have a natural birth, we will cover the most effective natural coping techniques and you’ll receive a customizable practice plan. This class also makes the perfect refresher.

Cost is $135 per couple. Includes an Understanding Birth Book & Practice Plan. I bring all supplies needed for the class to your home.

Busy Mama’s Class Topics

  • Process of labor and birth including all the Stages & Phases of Labor
  • How mom may feel during each part of labor and how partner can best comfort her as labor progresses.
  • All about contractions, true vs. false labor, and when to head to your birth space.
  • Practice Positions for Labor and Birth to facilitate comfort and to help labor progress.
  • Back Labor Techniques to help ease discomfort and help baby rotate.
  • The most effective natural comfort measures and breathing techniques.
  • Positive Affirmations – all supplies provided to make a personalized Affirmations Banner for Birth.
  • Pushing Safely and Effectively.

Planned Cesarean Birth Class

This 2-hour private class will walk you through a Planned Cesarean. Let me help you experience the joy of this occasion -the family-friendly event it can and should be. We’ll cover the entire process: preparing a few days before, the delivery, and then your Postpartum Recovery. We will ease your worries and answer any additional questions you have about Cesarean Birth.

Cost is $90 per couple. Includes an Understanding Birth Book with further information about Cesarean Birth and Postpartum Recovery.

Planned Cesarean Class Topics:

  • Preparing for the big day
  • Check-in and What to Expect upon arriving at the Hospital (Includes Pre-Cesarean Procedures)
  • What to expect during the Cesarean & how partner can best support mom
  • Tips for a “Gentle” of “Family-Centered Cesarean Birth”
  • Immediate Recovery after Cesarean Birth
  • Initiating Breastfeeding
  • Planning for a Healthy Postpartum Recovery

Newborn Care Class

Learn how to THRIVE with your Newborn in this 3-Hour Private Class. We’ll cover the absolute essentials in caring for your newborn the first/ few days, weeks and months after delivery.

We’ll cover these topics:

  • Normal Newborn Appearance – things many new parents express concern about that are actually normal
  • Comforting your crying baby
  • Deciphering your baby’s needs by decoding their body language
  • Newborn states of alertness and creating some predictability in your day
  • Swaddling, Diapering, Burping & Bathing Your Baby
  • Prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS)

Cost is $100. Class includes a complete Understanding Your Newborn Book for further reference. I bring infant manakins and all supplies to practice the topics below.

Breastfeeding Class

This is a Private 3-Hour Session. Just as your body was designed for pregnancy, labor and birth, your baby is born with many instincts that help them breastfeed. However, learning and discovering each other can take time, persistence and patience. Let me give you a strong foundation of breastfeeding knowledge to enhance your success.

Cost is $100. Class includes a complete Understanding Breastfeeding book for further reference. I also bring infant manakins and all supplies needed to practice breastfeeding positions and latching-on.

Breastfeeding Class Topics:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Anatomy/Physiology of Breastfeeding
  • How to Latch Your Baby to Your Breast & Signs of a Good Latch (to help prevent sore nipples)
  • How OFTEN and WHEN to feed your baby
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • Returning to Work & Expressing (Pumping) Breastmilk
  • Where to turn for extra support and resources in our community
CONTACT ME if you have any further questions about my Private Classes, want to Book a Class or want to create a Customized Class.
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