Childbirth Classes – Fearless Birth

Discover The Fearless Birth Difference

Rickie Bryner – Baby Your Bump from thetouchoflife on Vimeo.

This class is for you and your partner/support person. Cost is $200 per couple/$50 deposit due when signing up to hold your spot. Remaining balance is due the first day of class. Complete “Understanding Birth” Book is included and I provide all materials needed for the class.

What You’ll Learn:

I want every family to experience the true joy of giving birth – this begins with preparation.

  • How to increase confidence & take the fear out of birth for both you and partner.
  • Creating a SAFE and HEALTHY birth experience based on the best evidence-based recommendations.
  • Discovering how your body was uniquely designed to give birth and how to trust your body during labor and birth.
  • How to listen to your body and intuition, responding to your needs as labor unfolds, increasing comfort and helping labor progress.
  • How partner can shoulder this journey with you – knowing how to support you during each phase and part of labor as contractions intensify and your needs change.
  • Natural Coping Techniques are covered in depth so you are prepared and confident to meet each contraction your body gives you.
  • Discovering all of your birth options & creating a birth plan that is flexible yet feels right for you.
  • Cesarean Birth & Medical Procedures are covered just in case the need arises.
  • Creating a Postpartum Plan – learning how to recover physically and emotionally after birth.

I have helped hundreds of families have positive birth experiences and I would love to support you on this journey!

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