Childbirth Classes

Baby Your Bump prenatal classes will embrace you with the confidence you need for labor, birth, and caring for your newborn!

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Fearless Birth Class: This 5-week childbirth series will not only leave you feeling confident about birth, but will provide partner with essential knowledge and labor support skills to help you during labor! Whether you plan to have an un-medicated delivery or plan to use pain medication, this class is for you! Gain the knowledge and tools you need to achieve your goals. Discover birth options, learn how to create a birth plan and learn about postpartum recovery as well. I have been teaching for over 14 years and am passionate about taking the fear out of birth for both mom and partner during this interactive, hands-on class. Cost is $200. $50 deposit required at time of registration. Click here for Class Schedule and Registration Info

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Busy Mama’s Childbirth Class: This private, power-packed class will leave you and partner feeling more confident and prepared for birth. It also makes the perfect refresher! You will learn about the entire process of labor and birth, contractions, true vs. false labor, practice positions for labor and birth, relaxation, comfort measures, and learn how to push safely and effectively. If you only have time for one class, this is it. Class is $135 per couple. This is a 4-hour class and is taught privately in your home or my home. Click here for Registration Info

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Private Childbirth Classes: Personalized classes are taught in your home, my home, or at a location that is convenient for you. Let me customize a class based on your needs. These classes are perfect if you have a busy schedule, have special circumstances or can’t get into a class before your due date. 

Custom Private Sessions

Minimum of 2 hours for $100

Classes 3+ hours are $35/hr

(I charge a small fee for clients outside of Salt Lake and Davis County but do travel to outside areas so don’t hesitate to ask about your location)

Small Group Classes: Perhaps you know others that are expecting, too. I can create a small childbirth class just for you! Contact me for more information and pricing.

Private Class Packages

Contact me if you don’t see what you are looking for and I can customize a prenatal class to meet your needs! 


Labor, Birth and Relaxation: $135 This 4-hour private childbirth class will get you more comfortable with what to expect during the course of labor and birth and how to cope with contractions. Topics will include:

  • The process of labor and birth – Stages and Phases of Labor
  • True versus False Labor
  • Natural comfort measures
  • Positions for labor and birth
  • Relaxation and breathing techniques 
  • Partners role and hands-on techniques to comfort mom during labor


Planned Cesarean Class: $80 – This 2-hour private class will help you and partner feel prepared for your Cesarean Birth. Topics will include:

  • Preparing for the big day
  • Pre-Operative Procedures
  • What to expect during the Cesarean & how partner can support mom
  • Tips for a “Gentle” of “Family-Centered Cesarean Birth”
  • Post-Operative Recovery
  • Initiating Breastfeeding
  • Planning for a healthy postpartum recovery


Newborn Care: $100 – This private 3-hour Newborn Care Class will help you feel more comfortable caring for your newborn the first few days, weeks and months after delivery. We’ll cover these topics:

  • Normal Newborn Appearance
  • Comforting your crying baby & colic
  • Swaddling, Diapering & Bathing
  • Safety (including prevention of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
  • Feeding and burping
  • What to expect in the hospital


Breastfeeding Class: $100 – This is a private 3-Hour Session. Just as your body was designed for pregnancy, labor and birth, your baby is born with many instincts that help them to breastfeed! However, learning and discovering each other can take time, persistence and patience. Let me give you a strong foundation of breastfeeding knowledge to enhance your success. Breastfeeding Class topics include:

  • Benefits of Breastfeeding
  • Anatomy/Physiology of Breastfeeding
  • How to Latch Your Baby to Your Breast & Signs of a Good Latch (to help prevent sore nipples)
  • How OFTEN and WHEN to feed your baby
  • Is my baby getting enough milk?
  • Returning to Work & Expressing (Pumping) Breastmilk