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Podcast Interview: Taking the Fear Out of Birth (The BirthCircle)

I am so beyond excited to share this with you today! I was interviewed by the lovely Sarah Asay from The BirthCircle Podcast in November of 2019. My interview episode was just released, “Taking the Fear Out of Birth.” Really this episode covers birth and postpartum support. I even share my journey through Postpartum AnxietyContinue reading “Podcast Interview: Taking the Fear Out of Birth (The BirthCircle)”

Knowing What to Ask – A Safe & Health Birth: Part I

I’m Rickie Bryner, a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and Certified Postpartum Doula. I have been supporting expecting and new families for 15 years. Click to learn more About Me. Promoting Safe and Healthy Birth There are essential principles (all evidence-based) that can lead to a SAFE, HEALTHY, and POSITIVE birth experience. We all want healthyContinue reading “Knowing What to Ask – A Safe & Health Birth: Part I”

Trusting Your Body During Labor

I can’t tell you how many expecting mothers say they are nervous about giving birth. One mom even used the word “terrified.” It seems like once you become pregnant, people tell you all the dramatic labor and birth stories they know, not the stories where things go wonderfully well. Sound familiar? I feel like IContinue reading “Trusting Your Body During Labor”

Postpartum Glow: Part 2

In my last post Postpartum Glow: Part I we talked about how to tackle two common Postpartum Pitfalls: 1) Lack of Sleep and 2) Unequal Workload. Today we will focus on Postpartum Pitfall #3 – Social Isolation. This post contains suggestions to help you plan for a SUPPORTED Postpartum Recovery. Planning for physical AND emotional recoveryContinue reading “Postpartum Glow: Part 2”

Postpartum Glow: Part I

Did anyone tell you that you had a “Pregnancy Glow” when you were first pregnant? I got this comment occasionally; although, not many people told me I had a “Postpartum Glow” after my babies came. What if there was a way to have the healthiest Postpartum Recovery possible? Perhaps even have a little GLOW aboutContinue reading “Postpartum Glow: Part I”

Pregnancy Food Cravings

Can you relate to strange food cravings during pregnancy? I know I had some interesting cravings. The most random was when I craved Crunch Berries Cereal! Why do we have cravings during pregnancy?  We aren’t 100% sure the cause of food cravings; however, if we take a step back and look at cravings, we mightContinue reading “Pregnancy Food Cravings”

Reading to Your Baby

This picture is from a few years ago when I caught “my baby” reading to “her babies.” You can start reading to your baby even during pregnancy. Partner, too! At 1️⃣8️⃣ weeks, your baby can hear sounds. By 2️⃣6️⃣ weeks, your baby can hear and respond to voices they hear in the womb. Pretty incredible!Continue reading “Reading to Your Baby”

5 Essential Birth Plan Tips

Expecting parents often wonder where to start when creating a birth plan. Here are 5  tips to get you started. 1. What is UNIQUE about YOU? What specific needs do you have? Perhaps you: Are terrified of needles Really want to use the birth ball during labor Want a doula to be present Want anContinue reading “5 Essential Birth Plan Tips”

10 Tips for a Gentle Cesarean

Cesarean Birth can be beautiful and a family-friendly event. Cesarean Birth is on my mind this week as I prepare to teach a couple tomorrow that is having a planned Cesarean. Here are a few ideas to keep the event family friendly, so you still feel involved in your care and part of the experience. Continue reading “10 Tips for a Gentle Cesarean”

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