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Postpartum Doula Utah

I’m Rickie, a Certified Childbirth Educator and Postpartum Doula. I have been supporting expecting families and teaching prenatal classes for over 14 years! I love helping people feel more confident and prepared for labor, birth, and the postpartum period. This is such an important time in your life and I feel that education and support can make all the difference for expecting families. It can empower you to make informed decisions along your journey that feel right for you. Support can help you rest and recover – easing the transition to parenthood and ultimately giving you more time to enjoy your baby!

Rickie Bryner Postpartum Doula and Childbirth Classes
Rickie Bryner, BS, LCCE, Postpartum Doula. I absolutely love prenatal and postpartum work, the relationships I create and the families I serve.


Client Reviews


“Rickie made us feel right at home from the very start. I don’t even know how she did it, but she was able to get my anxiety attack prone husband to not only acknowledge what’s coming, but stay open and absorb so much information. She was so gracious, confident, and extremely knowledgeable. It was more than I could have hoped for!” Cassie, “Busy Mama’s Childbirth Class.”


“If you have the chance to work with Rickie, you will not be disappointed! Not only does she have a wealth of knowledge pertaining to pregnancy and childbirth, she has the necessary skills to walk and talk you through each part of the process. She made me much more comfortable with and aware of my body and helped me come to a greater understanding of what was about to take place. I always left class excited, more at peace, and glad to have learned so much. You’re in for a great experience!” – Nicole, Childbirth Preparation Class 


“Rickie has tremendous passion in her work and consistently presents balanced evidence-based information. Her work in class consistently reflects a level of insightfulness and energy where the participants are always engaged. Simply put, Rickie’s warm, fun-loving, supportive demeanor makes her a valued childbirth educator.” Lynsey Robertson, CCCE, CPFE


“What an amazing woman! She has a kind and caring demeanor about her and at the same time, has a knowledge base that is broad. Her students feel comfortable asking her questions and know they will always receive honest and correct information. She is multi-talented in her teaching ability and teaches a variety of classes.” Kim Lisenbee, St. Mark’s Hospital


Rickie has an incredibly calm demeanor and the ability to sooth worried minds. There were times where my partner and I had bouts of fear but Rickie was always able to calm us. One of our favorite things about Rickie is she made us feel very welcome and safe. She loves what she does and it shows in her teaching. She is inclusive and kind to everyone. We had lots of diversity with the people that attended her class and she made sure that none of us felt left out or less than.


Cassie and I did a 4 hour Busy Mamas Childbirth class with Rickie Bryner of Baby Your Bump and it was WONDERFUL!! She is really really good at listening and going at a comfortable pace. I was nervous before the class but as we finished and left the class I was more so much more comfortable with all that could/will happen in the next four weeks.

I would give her 10/5 stars if it was possible!

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“Rickie did a phenomenal job of preparing us for the birth of our child! I am so glad that we did her class because even with all that we read she taught us everything we needed to know and more. She is a hands on teacher that takes the time to make sure that you understand each subject matter. If you have a question no matter how silly you might think it is, she will answer it in the most respectful and comprehensive way.  We were both shy people when it came to asking questions but within minutes of our first class we became very confident to ask Rickie anything. She made us feel like every question that was asked was an important one and made sure that we all thoroughly understood the answer before moving on.” Megan and CeeJay, Prepared Childbirth Class


“When it came time to give birth things didn’t go exactly to “our plan”, we would have been petrified hadn’t we gone through Rickie’s class because the birth was very chaotic and rushed but every time the doctor or nurses came to talk to us we knew exactly what they were saying which put our minds at ease and let us focus on the important part of childbirth.  We highly recommend Rickie as a teacher to give you the tools and knowledge to help prepare your mind for childbirth.” Childbirth Class Clients

Client Reviews